What’s a hot desk vs. dedicated desk?

Published: 27 September 2019


A Hot Desk is a “sit anywhere that’s free” type space. This means that if you book five days of a Hot Desk, you may not be at the same desk space each day. It’s ideal for freelancers, remote workers and startups. All you have to do is bring your laptop, select an open seat and get to work.


Here are just a few of the benefits of using hot desks:


Hot desk memberships are cheaper than dedicated desk memberships – purely as you’re not using up one space permanently. Hot desking usually means you want the ability to use the space as much as you need, and only pay for the time used.


Similarly, growing businesses can’t be sure that they’ll make use of the space permanently, either. If you’re away a lot on client meetings, or you’re opening your business in a new location, chances are you don’t need access to a workspace in one location all the time. Instead, you require the flexibility to only use the location when needed – and not waste money on paying for it for a whole month.

Ability to Grow

By choosing this more flexible membership, you are enabling your business to grow at the rate it requires – With a hot desk membership, you aren’t committing to too much too soon – instead, working in a way that suits your current business needs.



Dedicated Desk means that the specific desk you book is yours for the duration of your booking. If you book for five days, you will have the same space for all five days. Dedicated Desks may be slightly larger, and depending on the venue, may come with additional amenities, such as a second monitor or locking cabinet.



By choosing a dedicated desk, you’re surrounded by other businesses and individuals who have chosen to do the same thing. We have found a great community amongst the people using dedicated desks, as they get to know each other, understand each other’s businesses and learn how they can work together. Even businesses with vastly different goals or in very different markets can find common ground – and this is where we see exciting collaboration happening. Whereas hot desks might mean you meet new people every day, or only see the same people infrequently, there is a strong sense of community through dedicated desks.


Having a dedicated desk gives you more of a sense of ownership within the space – you are here permanently, and have a space of your own. Whereas hot desk members have use of a selection of desks, you have your own, meaning you feel more attached to the space itself.

Make Space Your Own

Of course, one of the main benefits of dedicated desks is that you can really make the desk your own. There’s no rush in the morning to secure your favourite seat, and no worry over whether or not someone will have impinged on your space – it is entirely yours.