Sit Stand Desking

Published: 2 March 2018

What is a Sit-Stand Desk? 

A Sit-Stand desk is a desk which can be either manually or electronically adjusted, allowing you to have the option to stand or sit comfortably while working.

Sit-Stand desking is becoming more frequently used as alternative to a fixed desk, but why?

Sit-Stand height adjustable desks allow office workers to enjoy the ergonomic and health benefits of both sitting and standing while they work. Using a Sit-Stand desk promotes good blood circulation, prevents problems associated with prolonged sitting and can result in increased alertness and activity levels. It also helps fight fatigue making it easier to focus on work tasks, improving focus, mood and productivity levels.


1. Standing lowers your chances of weight gain and obesity.

2. Using a standing desk may lower blood sugar levels

3. Standing may lower your risk of heart disease

4. Standing desks reduce back pain

5. Standing desks help improve mood and energy levels

6. Standing desks may even boost productivity

7. Reduced cancer risks

8. Those who sit are 54% more likely to have a heart attack