25 Years - 1991-2016

Directive have been providing solutions for commercial interior projects for over 20 years, from our Head Office in London, with warehousing and logistics teams based in Essex, Manchester & Glasgow.





Directive Office Ltd and their supply partners are certified in the following categories:-


  •   Quality Management - ISO 9001
  •   Environmental - ISO 14001
  •   Strength/Stability - BS 5459/2
  •   Electrical Components - BS 6396
  •   Ergonomic - BS 1335 – 1



Our commitment at Directive Office Ltd is to a  sustainable environment utilising an innovative  and progressive approach to products, service  provision, move management and ethical disposal.


All products achieve a recyclable content of at  least 90-95% of the original components.


We are also working with many factories to  achieve cradle to cradle re-cycling options, zero  CO2 balancing programmes, and working with  LED lighting companies to reduce CO2.


We co-ordinate transport sharing programmes with  affiliated companies and supply partners using low  emission fuels and vehicles.


We are licensed waste disposal carriers and we  split our waste into their specific recycling groups.

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